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Dr. Holland, his wife, Nicole, and their son, Hunter, make their home in Richmond, Virginia and have been serving their community for over 23 years.  Both Dr. Holland and Nicole are proud graduates of James Madison University. Shortly after graduation, the couple married and moved to Atlanta for Dr. Holland's post graduate education.  Dr. Holland received his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life University in Atlanta, Georgia.   Though they loved the Peach State, they longed to be back in Virginia.  Holland Family Chiropractic Center, on Patterson Avenue, was  officially opened on March 8, 1999.  It has been an amazing 20+ years serving the patients of Richmond. In March of 2007, Dr. Holland opened an office in Ashland, Virginia. Having two offices makes it possible for patients to be seen on any day of the week.  Dr. Holland and Nicole are very active in their church and their community... and love their home in Richmond.  

Dr. Holland is passionate about whole body health and transformation.  He strives to find the source of health problems in each patient and create comprehensive, customized care plans for each individual.  Through thorough testing, Dr. Holland can get the data and information he needs to work with each patient on their health care goals.  He works with patients who suffer from hormone imbalances that create a host of issues for the patient.  Together, Dr. Holland and his patients work on balancing those hormones and eliminating the issues associated with hormone imbalances.

Dr. Holland also utilizes Deep Tissue Laser therapy to help stimulate healing in patients with joint pain.  His Class 4 Deep Tissue Laser therapy alleviates joint pain and helps the body heal faster.  This is extremely helpful post surgically for knees, shoulders, wrists, and more.   As a child with severe Club Feet, who endured multiple grueling surgeries, Dr. Holland is extremely passionate about helping his patients heal faster, and with less scar tissue, after surgical reconstructions. Laser Therapy can also be used as an alternative to invasive surgery.  Patients often find relief after four short visits.


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